MECC Consulting Group, formerly known as Michigan Engineering Consulting Club, was founded in 2002. Soon after, the group began to take on clients for project work, and later rebranded in 2013. MECC has completed over 100 projects with clients. While MECC has completed an array of successful projects, we will highlight these projects representative of the MECC experience.

Sports Franchise Case

Our client was a professional sports franchise interested in determining an optimal social media strategy. Working with limited data, our MECC team scraped our client’s and their competitors’ Twitter accounts. The team analyzed posting trends, determining which features resulted in greater engagement. As a deliverable, the team created a tool in Tableau to track posts and analyze Twitter posts real time. The scope of social media strategy was broad, but the team was able to create concrete metrics to provide a data-backed recommendation to the client.


Financial Institution Case

Our client was a financial institution that offers an electronic trading platform for trading financial securities. The client was looking to improve the accessibility of this platform with people with a range of disabilities that include, but are not limited to: visual, hearing, physical, and cognitive impairments. The MECC team on the project researched relevant disability compliances, and recommended specific feature improvements in the client software. By creating an accessible digital platform, the client will be able to increase user experience for all customers and comply with regulatory requirements.

Medical Treatment Case

Our client was an oncology clinic within a nationally ranked hospital system. MECC was tasked with determining the cost for providing a new procedure for patients as well as the logistical infrastructure for executing the procedure. The team performed external research through reading scientific literature, speaking with medical officials, and analyzing medical equipment prices to determine the total cost of treatment. These findings will allow the client to unveil their new service, providing pediatric cancer patients with quality treatments at a minimal cost.


Automobile Manufacturer Case

Our client was a fuel economy research team within a major automobile manufacturer. The client wanted to more effectively analyze and visualize their EPA fuel emissions metrics. The MECC team examined how analysis on EPA testing data was done and suggested alternative data visualization softwares. As a deliverable, our team wrote a feasibility analysis of using Tableau and developed several data visualization tools to compare fuel and engine efficiency of competitor vehicles in Tableau. These deliverables served as the first step for the client’s transition to modern data analytics.



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